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SAG-AFTRA Washington Mid-Atlantic Local

Washington Mid-Atlantic Screen Actors Guild (SAG)/American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)
7735 Old Georgetown Road Suite 950
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-657-2560; Fax: 301-656-3615
Website: www.sagaftra.org/wma
Patricia O’Donnell, Executive Director
WASH-FM; WBAL-AM; WBAL-TV; WBIG-FM; WCAO-AM; WDCA-TV; WETA-FM & TV; WFED-AM; WHUR-FM; WIHT-FM; WIYY-FM; WJLA-TV; News Channel 8; WJZ-TV; WMAL-AM & FM; WMAR-TV; WMZQ-FM; WPFW-FM; WRC-TV/Telemundo; WRQX-FM; WTEM-AM; WTOP-FM; WTTG-TV; WUSA-TV; WWDC-FM; ABC Network; CBS Network; NBC Network Producers; Westwood One; NPR; Total Traffic & Weather Network/24-7 News

UPDATED 12/13/2017

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