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1775 K Street, NW, Suite 560
Washington, DC 20006
202-661-3668; fax: 202-223-6213
Twitter: @unitehere23
Bert Bayou, DC Chapter president
Major Employers:
Food Service: Aramark at Georgetown, Catholic and American universities, Verizon Center, and Philip Morris; Levy at Nationals Stadium and Verizon Center; Bon Appetit at Georgetown Law School and Gallaudet University; Centerplate at Washington Convention Center; Compass shops at Medimunne, British Airways, Freddie Mac and Lufthansa Lounge; Restaurant Associates at Smithsonian Museums, National Gallery of Art, Kennedy Center, and House of Representatives; Eurest at National Institute of Health; I.L. Creation at various federal government agencies; Guest Services at various government agencies, including Fannie Mae; Sodexo at Howard and the IMF, George Washington and Trinity universities, and various federal agencies.
Airport Food Service: LSG Sky Chefs and DCA and IAD; Richmond Delaware North.
Parking: Standard Parking, Central Parking, Denison Parking, E-Park, Encore Parking, Republic Parking, Ronald Reagan Building, Kennedy Center.

updated 12/12/2019

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